things to do on a long weekend

The 5 Best Things to Do on a Long Weekend

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Labor Day is coming up, which means another long weekend is upon us. For those who live in Metro Manila, the holidays are longer thanks to the 2017 ASEAN Summit. So who’s excited to spend a 4-day weekend?

If you’re making last-minute plans and scrambling for ideas, don’t worry. We have just what you’re looking for! Read on for a list of things you can do this coming weekend.

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top 3 korean bb creams

Top 3 Korean BB Creams to Try Out

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Korean beauty products are becoming a popular choice for makeup enthusiasts. We’re even willing to bet that you have at least one Korean brand in your makeup kit. If you don’t have any just yet, it’s not too late to try them out. For those who want a flawless everyday look, Korean BB creams are top go-to products. Read on to learn about our top 3 recommendations.

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Honey: The Secret to Glowing Skin

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If you’re a model, skin care is something that you can’t skip out on. After spending hours at work and having tons of makeup on, your skin can get dull. It’s the same for any regular person. Just think what the heat of the sun, pollution from the commute, or stress at work does to your complexion. There are plenty of skin care products to help you get healthy, glowing skin. But did you know that you can get similar results with a household item?

Honey has several health benefits that make it a must-have in your kitchen. While it has higher calories than sugar, the natural sweetener helps digest fat and boost energy. In addition, adding the ingredient to your skin care routine can do wonders.

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manila international auto show blog

More than Models: Manila International Auto Show

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about modeling? More likely than not, you think of runways, magazines, and photo shoots. But that’s not all there is to it. If you’re a freelance model, chances are you’ve been to plenty of gigs beyond the usual fashion show. Take the Manila International Auto Show, for example.

The annual event is a platform for the automobile industry to display their latest products. These car shows are also a place where you can find brand ambassadors, as well as professional and freelance models. The combination of sleek cars and beautiful ladies made the 2017 MIAS a must-visit for photographers and enthusiasts alike.

But what exactly does a model do at a car show?

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labor day raffle for the spa

Labor Day Raffle: Win The Spa Vouchers

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There are a couple of long weekends coming up. There’s that 4-day holiday for Holy Week. And Labor Day is coming up in May. Whether it’s for school or work, a long weekend is a welcome break. However, some may end up wishing for an extension once the holiday comes to a close. And that’s where our Labor Day raffle comes in!

What’s the Prize?

We all know that holidays and vacations need careful planning. But what about the days when you just have that need to relax? How does a spa treatment sound to you? Join this raffle and you can get the chance to win P5,000 worth of gift certificates for The Spa!

How to Join the CMM Labor Day Raffle

Participating in the competition is easy! Just like the CMM summer beach bag raffle, just click on the app below and follow the steps. Log in using your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email and click on the entry options. Note that there are some steps that you can do every day so you can get more chances of winning!

Labor Day Relaxation Extension

One Lucky Winner

The labor day giveaway starts at now, 12 April 2017, and ends at 11:59 PM on 1 May 2017. We’ll announce the lucky winner at 12noon on 2 May 2017.

5 skin care tips for maximum glow

5 Quick Skin Care Tips for Maximum Glow

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Summer means intense heat and humidity which can take a toll on your skin. Add a busy schedule and little time to take care of simple things, dryness and breakouts are prone to happen. Whether you’re busy with school or work, a quick skin care routine that gives optimum glow may seem impossible. But there are actually a few hacks you can do to make it a reality. Here are a few quick skin care tips to improve your overall look.

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Face Masks: The Secret to Flawless Skin of Korean Stars

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Are you a fan of Korean dramas and music? How about Korean fashion? Have you ever wondered how Korean celebrities have such perfect looking skin? We’re here to end your curiosity! Five top models are sharing the secrets to the flawless skin of Korean stars.

Whether you follow K-dramas, K-pop, or K-fashion, you’ll notice that the people share a trait. Everyone seems to have a poreless complexion that makes it perfect for admiring. There are many skin care products that you can try but there’s one part of the routine that’s a must-do. Whatever skin care regimen you have, never forget the hydrating face mask!

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summer raffle winner

Meet the Beach Bag Summer Raffle Winner!

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Everyone is sure to be feeling the heat of the summer, and we’re making it a little bit hotter. It’s time to announce the summer raffle winner!

We received a total of 427 entries for our summer beach bag raffle. As much as we’d love to make everyone a winner, there can only be one.

Random Draw for the Summer Raffle Winner

If you noticed, we used the Gleam competition app to host our raffle. The draw is random, which means everyone has the chance to win. Of course, we have to check if your entries are valid. Did you actually do the requirement? Did you share posts publicly? These are all in the name of fairness.

Meet Our Summer Giveaway Winner

CMM What’s in Your Beach Bag Giveaway

Congratulations Angelie! You’re the lucky recipient of a pair of Sunnies shades, a bunch of skin and hair care products, and other beach essentials. You’ll also get a P2,000 gift certificate to shop at our partner store, Thyrah Shoppe!

We’ll send an email within the day on how you can claim your prizes.

What’s Next?

If you didn’t win this contest, don’t worry! We have plans to run more raffles in the coming months. So make sure to keep checking our blogs and social media accounts for the latest news and updates.