tips for beach body goals from victoria's secret models

Beach Body Goals with Victoria’s Secret Models

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The rainy season is almost here but there’s still a lot of heat for you to take advantage of. It’s not too late to go on a beach getaway, especially with another long weekend coming soon. There’s still some time for you to have Instagram-worthy posts of your beach body goals.

If you’re looking for some last-minute tips and tricks to look and feel good, you’ve come to the right place! And who better to get them from than 5 of the sexiest Victoria’s Secret models?

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eating right for different body shapes

Different Body Shapes and How to Eat Right for Each One

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What’s your body type? Your body shape may be different from your friends, but remember that each of us is unique and beautiful! You may wonder why some people have more fat in different areas of their body. Some people tend to gain weight around their stomach, others on their thighs. These so-called problem areas and weight-loss issues are dependent on which of the different body shapes you have.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a problem. If you know your body type, then you can learn what to eat to help you stay healthy.

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quick makeup tip for concealer and foundation

Quick Makeup Tip: Is it Concealer or Foundation First?

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Whether you’re new to the world of makeup or a professional makeup artist, you’re sure to have a beauty routine. From what products you use to what you apply first, it’s all up to you – or whoever you learned from. After watching many tutorials and getting pro beauty advice, there seems to be some conflict on one thing. What do you apply first, concealer or foundation? Let us settle the score for you with this quick makeup tip!

Expert Sets Record Straight with Quick Makeup Tip

Some of you may think that it doesn’t matter what product you put on first. Both concealer and foundation do provide some level of coverage. But makeup artist Fiona Stiles wants you to think again!

She tells InStyle magazine that she always applies foundation first. Her reasoning is simple. The coverage you get is dependent on the formula of your foundation. A trip to the makeup counter will show you that there are plenty of products out there. Foundation can be sheer or heavy. Some of you may even choose to use BB cream or CC cream in lieu of heavy foundation.

Why Foundation First?

Stiles says that she applies foundation first to see whether or not she still needs to use concealer. If it’s a heavy foundation, you may already have all the coverage you need. If you use a sheer product, you’ll need concealer for extra coverage of dark spots.

She also mentions that it doesn’t make sense to apply concealer first before foundation. This is especially the case f your purpose was to cover spots or scars. Doing so will just rub away the concealer you set.

Easy Makeup Routine from Fiona

So here’s the quick makeup tip from Stiles. Buff on a layer of foundation and check for any discoloration. Whether it’s under your eyes or an acne scar, dab on some concealer for more coverage. Then blend the edges using a brush to get rid of any product lines.

And there you have it! Another piece of makeup advice to help you look absolutely fabulous.

what's in your makeup bag?

What’s in Your Makeup Bag? Top 5 Products to Have

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When it comes to the world of modeling, your look can make or break a deal. From attending a go-see, a fitting, or a photo shoot, you always need to look your best. Unfortunately, you don’t always have a glam squad to help you out. That’s why it’s important to keep your makeup bag by your side. Of course, it also needs to have all the right products.

That leads us to the question – what’s in your makeup bag?

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the best fashion tips from mothers

Mother Knows Best: The Ultimate Fashion Tips

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner. That’s why we’re taking this time to pay tribute to everything they’ve done for us. With the experiences they have, you can bet that your moms have tons of knowledge. From being your first teacher, friend, and hero, we’re pretty sure your mom is also your first style icon. Whether it’s advice on makeup or fashion, it’s something plenty of girls have in common. InStyle staff recently shared some of the best fashion tips they got from their moms. Read more after the jump!

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fantastic makeup lessons and beauty tips from mom

Mother Knows Best: Unforgettable Makeup Lessons

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There’s this old saying that mother always knows best. While some of you may not fully agree, you can’t deny that mom has a lot of great ideas. From big life tips to small style and makeup lessons, your mom was likely your first teacher.

Professional makeup artists or your beauty product hoarder friend may have excellent advice. But sometimes, the best tips come from your mom. That’s exactly what has fashion industry experts say. Check out what the staff of InStyle have to share about the wise words they got from their moms!

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2017 met gala red carpet fashion hits and misses

2017 Met Gala: Red Carpet Fashion Hits and Misses

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If you love fashion, your social media feeds may feature all the looks from the 2017 Met Gala. Monday was a celebration of Labor Day for us in the Philippines. As for the US, the 1st of May was all about art and style.

The Met Gala is an annual fundraising event, benefitting the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. The yearly gathering is in celebration of the opening of the museum’s fashion exhibit.

This year, the theme of the gala was Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between. The exhibition is a tribute to the work of Rei Kawakubo, the founder of the theme’s namesake brand. So how did the fashion and Hollywood industries’ biggest personalities fare on the red carpet?

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hottest hairstyles of summer

Hottest Hairstyles of Summer: Short Hair, Don’t Care!

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They say that this year’s summer is the shortest, and it seems that the hottest hairstyles are following that theme. When the heat of the sun is beating down on you, you find ways to feel cooler. So if you decide to tie it up or chop it off, that’s totally up to you.

If you ask supermodels, there are plenty of ways to style hair for the summer. Braids, waves, buns, knots – what’s your choice?

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meet the labor day raffle winner

Meet the Labor Day Raffle Winner!

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How did everyone’s four-day break go? With a list of awesome things to do on a long weekend, we hope everyone got a great vacation. Some of you may be feeling like you need an even longer break. Maybe get a massage in for further relaxation. After receiving 360 entries, it’s time to meet our Labor Day raffle winner!

Random Draw for the Labor Day Giveaway

Similar to our summer beach bag raffle, we used the Gleam competition app to receive entries and pick a winner. The draw is random, which means everyone with valid entries can win.

Meet the Labor Day Raffle Winner

Labor Day Relaxation Extension

Congratulations Joan! You’re the lucky recipient of The Spa Wellness gift certificates worth P5,000! We know you’ll enjoy this treat!

We’ll send an email within the day on how you can claim your prize.

What’s Next?

As much as we want to give out more prizes, there can only be one winner for the Labor Day Raffle. The good news is that this isn’t the last you will hear from us! Keep an eye out on our blog and social media accounts for the latest news and updates on our next promotion.