maureen wroblewitz wins asia's next top model cycle 5

Maureen Wroblewitz Wins Asia’s Next Top Model 5

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Expect the unexpected – that’s the tagline for Asia’s Next Top Model. And if last night’s season 5 finale is anything to go by, the show definitely lives up to it! Guess what, Philippines? We finally have a winner in Maureen Wroblewitz!

It’s been a long journey to get to the top. After seeing Filipino models finish as runners-up in seasons 1 to 3, it’s great to finally have a champion! Maureen won the title, edging out Malaysia’s Shikin Gomez and Vietnam’s Minh Tu Nguyen. Check out some of her most memorable moments on the show.

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OOTD Tips to Help You with Changing Weather

5 OOTD Tips to Help You with the Changing Weather

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Filipinos are well aware that we’re in for some funky weather once June hits. The country gets in that weird transition phase between summer and typhoon season. You can experience a day that turns hot, humid, wet, and cold in a matter of hours. This makes it difficult to find an outfit that will work during the changing season. If you’re having trouble, here are some great OOTD tips to try!

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applying eyeliner and eye shadow

Applying Eyeliner and Eye Shadow: What Comes First?

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What’s the correct order when it comes to applying eyeliner and eye shadow? Is it the liner first or is it the other way around? Whether it’s thoughtful makeup advice from mom or expert tips from professionals, you probably have different answers.

The truth is that there’s no right or wrong answer. Like other makeup application debates, the answer to what to apply first depends on your preference.

Expert Weighs in on Applying Eyeliner or Eye Shadow First

Joanna Simkin is a celebrity makeup artist, and she’s offering her take on the matter. According to her, you can apply either of the two first depending on the effect that you want.

Eyeliner Goes First for a Smoky Look

If you want to achieve a smoky eye, applying eyeliner first is Joanna’s makeup tip. First, trace your lash lines with a pencil or gel liner. After that, brush some eye shadow to smudge the lines. The makeup artist says that the liner makes a great base for the eyeshadow.

Achieve a Defined Cat-Eye by Applying Eye Shadow First

If the look you’re trying to achieve is the classic cat-eye, apply your eye makeup the other way around. Do the eye shadow first then apply the eyeliner. Create the wings using a pencil eyeliner, then trace over the shape with a liquid or gel liner. According to Joanna, doing this will make the cat-eye sharper.

Do the Water Lines Last

If you like a piercing look, you can do this by applying eyeliner along the inner eye rims. Joanna says that you always want to do the water lines last for hyper-definition. Dark colors can add depth while white pencils add an eye-opening effect.

sneakers that are rainy season essentials

Rainy Season Essentials: Sneakers You Can Wear with Anything

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The months of June to August are usually when typhoons hit the Philippines. It’s a struggle for daily commuters who have to worry about the rain and traffic. You might need an extra set of clothes and pair of shoes in case of a sudden downpour. Imagine wearing ballet flats or high heels in the middle of bad weather. Avoid soaked feet and slipping with rainy season essentials such as sneakers!

You may not think that it’s appropriate to wear sneakers to work. However, there are certain styles and models that go perfectly with anything.

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meet the woman of power raffle winner

Meet the CMM Woman of Power Raffle Winner

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It’s Friday, and we’re about to make someone else’s day even better! It’s one thing to power through the past couple of days. So how about you do it in style with gift certificates to use at Sephora Philippines? It’s time to meet our Woman of Power raffle winner!

Draw for the Woman of Power Giveaway

Similar to our previous contests, we used a competition app to receive entries and pick a winner. The draw is random, which means everyone with valid entries can win. We at CMM also took the time to review each entry to determine whether or not it met the requirements.

Meet the Woman of Power Raffle Winner

meet the woman of power raffle winner

Congratulations to Samantha A., a.k.a @sammercute! You’re the lucky recipient of P2,500 worth of vouchers so you can shop at Sephora Philippines! Use them wisely!

We’ll contact you within the day regarding the delivery of your prize.

What’s Next?

We’d like to thank everyone for joining us in this contest! Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and like us on Facebook for the latest news and updates. You’ll never know when another giveaway pops up!

why we all need a real life wonder woman

Why We All Need a Real Life Wonder Woman

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The Wonder Woman film starring Gal Gadot remains the talk of the town for its success. Not only does it show that a female superhero movie can do great at the box office, it’s also empowering for many. By now, everyone knows about the great lengths Patty Jenkins has gone to make this movie. Really, the director is like the real life Wonder Woman we need. If the reactions are anything to go by, it seems the film is everything we’ve wanted and more!

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woman of power raffle

Woman of Power Raffle: Calling Independent Ladies!

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What makes a woman of power? Is it a high-ranking position in life, wealth and fame, or something else? The answer is it’s anything you want it to be! Being a powerful girl doesn’t mean you have to be the strongest or the best. Are you a beauty queen competing in Miss Universe? How about a model starring in plenty of campaigns? Are you Wonder Woman or the girl next door? No matter what category you fall into, you can be a woman of power.

If you feel accomplished, confident, happy, or all of the above, congratulations! Being women of power is all about how you feel about yourself. If you believe that you have what it takes to tackle a challenge, you’re on the right track!

You may be asking what this is all about, so let’s get to the point. We’re here to celebrate all the wonderful women with an exciting raffle!

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wonder woman features real-life athletes turned amazon warriors

Wonder Woman: From Real-Life Athletes to Movie Amazons

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If you haven’t watched the new Wonder Woman movie yet, go now! Most guys will likely see the film because of Gal Gadot. As for the ladies, watch and learn how the movie stays true to its mission of women empowerment. We’re not just talking about how badass the Amazons were in battle. We’re talking about how amazing the women who played warriors on screen are in real life.

Read on to find out why these women are more than just eye candy!

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