Beauty & Fashion Tips That Will Change Your Every Day Life

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Beauty & Fashion Tips That Will Change Your Every Day Life

Adopt these beauty and fashion tips to change your every day life. Each is a healthy step, an improved and sharper look, a beauty improvement and a confidence booster.

The trick to new habits is to make each bite-sized, easy to achieve and fun to do. After a while, they’ll become second nature and baked into your regular routines.

Drink more water

It is easy to drink plenty of water during the hotter months because your body gives you ample clues. However, the truth is that your body needs hydrating throughout the year.

According to studies, women need to consume at least 2.2 liters of water every single day. When you break it down, that comes to about nine glasses of plain water.

Water energizes and hydrates your body, helps you control your calorie intake and works wonders for your skin.

Ensure you keep a bottle of clean drinking water with you – in the car, at work, in your bag, etc. During lunch and dinner, reach for fruits and vegetables that contain a high water content.

Explore your kind of fashion

You most likely have a few makeup and wardrobe staples that you bank on to create your signature look.

Break this habit by taking more beauty and fashion risks. Testing your boundaries is invigorating. It allows you to find new looks and makes you interesting and attractive.

Instead of bling jewelry try styles that are timeless and classic like pearls and rare stones. Instead of solid black opt for stripes or polka dots with black base colors. If you never wear bright red lipstick or figure-hugging dresses try them now.

Make it a habit of exploring your fashion sense as often as you can.

Rejuvenate, invigorate, and refresh daily

After a long workday, you are likely exhausted, falling onto your favorite sofa within moments of walking through the door. Most of us cannot wait to drop into bed to catch some zzz’s.

While getting enough sleep is essential, pledge to wash your face thoroughly before going to bed.

Makeup residue and impure particles that cling to your skin result in clogged pores and cause acne and oily skin. Your skin naturally repairs itself. However, it is more efficient if your skin is clean and fresh.

If you don’t have the energy to go through a full skincare routine, stash some alcohol-free makeup removal wipes in your night-stand and do a quick wipe off your face.

Repurpose and upstyle your wardrobe

Upstyling your wardrobe doesn’t mean spending money on buying new clothes. Upstyling is taking what you own and reinventing it.

Instead of hitting the stores or making online shopping your new hobby, head to your wardrobe to repurpose your clothes.

We’ve all got stuff we haven’t worn for a few months or years taking up space in the wardrobe. Look for closet staples that shine with the right accessories you already own and pair them together differently. Dive into your wardrobe, and you are likely to discover new styles and fashion to enjoy all year round.

Try these ideas to get you going.

  • Roll up long sleeves for a different look, or roll up jeans into a single or double cuff to expose a sexy pair of shoes better.
  • Try knotting your shirt in the middle to give it a new look.
  • Add a top over a dress to turn it into a skirt.
  • Tuck in or half tuck in a top you usually wear loose over a skirt.
  • Add a belt to define your waistline or to add shape to an oversized top or shirt.
  • Spice up your wardrobe by adding color. Try a colorful scarf, accessories, pumps, or a hat.
  • Protect your skin and glow

    Dermatologist recommends that every person wear sunscreen daily to protect their skin from harmful UV rays.

    Regardless of your complexion or skin type (dry or oily) wearing sunscreen is crucial to protect it and preserve your feminine glow.

    Wear sunscreen if the days are overcast, or you intend to spend most of your time indoors. Exposure to mild sun rays during winter or indoors causes cumulative skin damage over time.

    Make it a habit of wearing sunscreen every day to protect against wrinkles, freckles, and other blemishes.

    Try retinol, a vitamin-A derivative a second crucial skin application after sun protection. Retinol reduces fine lines and wrinkles and maintains glowing, beautiful skin. It boosts the collagen in your skin, so you wake up looking fresh and more radiant.

    Before applying it at night, clean your skin thoroughly, and slap on a night cream with a retinol ingredient before you catch your beauty sleep.

    Choose healthy food options and exercise

    Exercise and eating habits are hard to develop and to keep. However, eating correctly and exercising is crucial to your overall health and the way you feel about yourself.

    Commit to proper eating and regular exercise today to build up these habits as soon as you can.

    If necessary take it slow to start opting for small changes at a time. Try adding fruit to your diet, switching to fat-free or low-fat milk, consuming less salt, curbing processed foods in your diet, choosing water over sugary drinks, and eating more whole grains and lean proteins. And for exercise, try to walk often, using any excuse to do so.

    Understand that crash diets are not the way to go. Instead, build up to eating habits that provide long-term benefits. These positive steps give you glowing skin, shiny hair, stronger nails, more energy, plus a zest for life.

    Try a new hairstyle

    Stepping out in a new haircut is the easiest way to change the way you look and feel. Try highlights to freshen your look or consider taking off a few inches for more edge.

    If you’re commitment-phobic and wouldn’t dream of a radical change, start small by switching to a new hair part or bun style instead.

    Most of us have been wearing the same hair part (middle or either side) since high school. So why not move it slightly or get rid of it altogether?

    Grab new undergarments

    Wearing the right set of undergarments adds plenty of unseen confidence and oomph to your stride.

    If you have a stash of underclothes that have seen better days, let them go. Invest in sound quality, comfortable, and well-fitting bras and panties this year. Find them in the least likely places. Don’t be fooled by the standard bra myths, and learn how to find perfectly fitting underwear.

    Clean out your makeup drawer

    In general, moist and creamy makeup products have a shorter shelf life than other cosmetics. Make it a point to clean out your makeup drawer once every few months to keep things fresh and in wearable condition.

    Remember to freshen up your lipgloss and lipstick. Most powder-based foundations, eyeshadows, and blushes are wearable for up to 18 months unless otherwise specified. Cream concealers, blushes, and lip liners are good for a year.

    Mascaras need to be replaced every three months or sooner. Excessive clumping is the cue for changing out your mascara. Liquid-based eyeliners are wearable for up to 6 months.

    Cleaning out your makeup drawer keeps your products fresh and new for your skin. It also helps you stay organized and on top of your beauty routine.

    Get more beauty rest

    We cannot stress this enough – there’s a reason why a good night’s sleep is called “beauty sleep.” Sleep is paramount to your beauty regimen and is a contributing factor to your overall health.

    For better sleep try blackout curtains to block all ambient light or consider an eye mask. Most of us need at least 7-8 hours of undisturbed rest to refresh for the new day.


    We understand that with our busy lives it’s hard to adopt new practices. So start small, commit for a short period of time and be consistent in practicing these new behaviors.

    You’ll find in no time that these small steps will add up and you are well on your way to larger than life effects. It’s easy to drink an extra glass of water a day or to invest in a few key trend accessories to make a fashion statement. Start now!

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