Heidi Klum Halloween Costume is a Thriller!

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Halloween has come and gone, but we’re still high on the festivities. If there’s one thing to look forward to, we dare say it’s Heidi Klum Halloween costumes. The supermodel has been holding parties for nearly two decades and her outfits are always talk of the town. So what did she go as this year?

Months of Preparation for Heidi Klum Halloween

If you look at Heidi’s costumes throughout the years, you know a lot of prep goes into each party. Did you know that her costume started coming together back in September?

Ok Halloween …. lets get this party started. @prorenfx

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If you’re one of Heidi’s followers on Instagram or Twitter, there were loads of updates between then and the party. It’s sort of a guessing game leading up to the event.

The Thriller of a Heidi Klum Halloween

Considering the disappointment of last year’s costume, Heidi knew she had to step up her game this year.

Heidi Klum Halloween costume in 2016

For Halloween 2017, Heidi definitely brought her A-game back with Michael Jackson’sĀ Thriller werewolf! Check it out!

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What do you think of Heidi Klum’s costume this year?

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