How To Fix Annoying Beauty Problems All Women Face

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You’ve chipped your nail polish, and you’re suffering from razor burn. And to make matters worse, you’ve plucked too much of your eyebrows away. These little annoyances are enough to ruin your day and undermine your beauty look. Stacked up they are devastating.
Life isn’t stress-free, but we can prepare ourselves. There are remedies and preventative tactics for most beauty related issues.
Here are ten of the worst, most annoying beauty problems, and how to deal with them peacefully and efficiently.

My Nail Polish Always Chips

Chips on your nail polish are the most common and annoying beauty problem on the list. They happen to us all. Even if a brand boasts theirs never chips, they often still do.

It’s annoying if you apply a pretty coat and see it come off in no time. So if your nail polish chips within a day or two, try the following ideas.

Alternatives to nail polish like gels or lacquer can be much longer lasting and stronger. Make sure you use good quality only and avoid quick drying polish which tends to chip more often. Fake acrylic nails are an excellent alternative too. Consult with a professional about the right type of finish when you get your next manicure.

Apply polish when your nails are dry of any moisture, including creams and lotions. Dry nails bind better to the polish, making it set harder and stronger (it’s a myth that wet nails/soaking nails are good).

Use a separate base and top coat instead of combined 2 in 1. Separates are specifically designed for their job and do it better than using a combined formula. Remember to let each coat dry properly before adding the next. The results will show in a long-lasting, chip-free finish.

I Can’t Find A Conditioner That Works

Hair conditioners help to make your hair smooth and frizz-free. Apply them usually after shampoo to treat your hair cuticles and improve its PH balance. The result is increased shine, with reduced static and overall, more manageable hair.

However, if you’re having problems with your conditioner, you could be using the wrong type. As a general rule, select a shampoo based on the condition of your scalp and a conditioner based on your hair type.

So an oily scalp with dry hair or split ends needs shampoo for oily scalp and conditioner for dry hair.

Avoid oil-based hair conditioners as they can make your hair limp and flat after use. And apply conditioner only at your hair ends if you use a conditioner on a regular basis, keeping the product off your scalp.

My Moisturizer Gives Me Breakouts

The wrong choice in moisturizers can cause breakouts and acne on the skin. These flare-ups happen when your moisturizer clogs your pores, causing them to become inflamed or infected. Blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples follow.

Those with lanolin (a substance produced by sheep to keep their wool soft), are significant culprits according to the Face Reality Acne Clinic. The Clinic also refers to oil-based creams, particularly those with coconut, vegetable, soybean, and wheat germ oils as contributors to breakouts. So use these sparingly or don’t use them at all.

Protecting against breakouts needs the right non-comedogenic facial moisturizer because these types don’t clog pores. They are usually water based and oil free. Select your facial moisturizer with care, especially if you are prone to breakouts.

My Blusher Doesn’t Look Natural Or Blend With My Skin

Blusher should mimic your face tone (the color your cheeks turn) when you are blushing or flushed. That is why it’s called blusher.

However getting it right is complicated and depends on many factors. Your natural complexion, the look you are trying to achieve, the product you choose, and how you apply it are some.

Add blusher so that it sits naturally on your face blending in with your other makeup. Don’t make it the statement piece of your look. Give it the opportunity to enhance your features while allowing your lips and eyes to stand out.

My Pores Are Clogged, Even After Regular Cleansing

If you’re washing or cleansing your face incorrectly, it’s likely to lead to clogged pores, dull, lifeless skin and acne breakouts. Fortunately, the fix is easy. Improve your cleanse procedure, and adopt as a minimum a wash at night before you go to bed.

If necessary, add a second cleanse after your workout or at times when you’ve been sweating. Sweat and oiliness on the skin should be removed as soon as possible because it’s a leading cause of acne.

Lastly, don’t over-cleanse (washing more than two to three times a day), as this can remove protective oils and irritate the skin. Stick to a single yet effective daily cleansing with a follow up after a workout or heavy sweat.

My Body Lotion Takes Time To Absorb

There are many reasons to use body lotion, including the moisturizing of your skin and the smoothing away of chapped or rough skin.

However, if you’re finding your body lotion is taking too long to absorb, there are likely a few main reasons. And they are easy to solve.

You’ve applied too much – yes your skin has a limit, and too much lotion will merely sit on the top of your skin.

Or you’ve built up a barrier of dead skin cells that need to be cleaned away first. A good exfoliator or scrub solves this problem for you.

Or possibly you’re using the wrong lotion. An oily skin as an example needs a light moisturizer with a higher percentage of water than cream in it.

My Lips Peel

Most women face the problem of peeled or chapped lips in winter or through sun exposure in the warmer months. Other causes might include smoking, allergies or deficiencies in certain vitamins. Licking your lips or breathing through your mouth can also make matters worse.

The first step is to add moisture to your lips and to refrain from picking on them. Picking can lead to trauma, damage, and infection.

Add moisture by softly applying vaseline several times a day and overnight. Or try creams like cocoa butter or sweet almond oil. Exfoliate gently with a clean toothbrush to clear away dead skin safely. Keep the air around you moist with a humidifier when possible.

If your lips don’t improve after these steps, make an appointment with your primary care provider or dentist to rule out any more serious causes or allergies.

Apart from the discomfort, peeling lips can be a red flag for your beauty. Keeping them supple and moist is simple with the right regimen.

My Skin Easily Burns Or Tans In the Sun

Sunrays or harmful UV rays are dangerous for your skin, can cause it to burn and turn red, even blister. None of these effects are right for your beauty looks and can cause extreme problems over time, including cancer and premature aging.

The best thing to do is stay away from direct sunlight and always to wear sun protection. Get into the habit of applying sunscreen every day, whether you are going outdoors or not. A good face cream with added sun protection (30 SPF or more) adds significant protection.

Being proactive about shielding your skin from the sun is the simplest way to rid yourself of this annoying beauty problem. Using protective and anti-aging creams can help combat damage already done.

I Get Razor Bumps On My Skin

If you use a razor for removing your hair, then you need to be careful about razor bumps or razor burn. It can leave the skin red and inflamed or with small bumps caused by ingrown hairs.

The friction of the razor against your skin is the usual cause and is made worse by shaving too often or without proper care.

Shaving in the direction of your hair growth, using a moisturizing shave cream (not a bar of soap) and replacing your razor blade often are steps you can take to resolve the problem.

If you still suffer, then treat the symptoms with an exfoliating body scrub. A scrub removes dead skin and releases trapped ingrown hairs. Treat your skin with a warm compress to reduce inflammation and redness. And apply a moisturizer to keep your skin fresh and soft.

I’ve Over-Tweezed My Eyebrows

Removing too much of your eyebrows is a prickly problem, and is sure to cause you a lot of embarrassment. But it need not.

There are a few eyebrow tools and techniques that you can use to fix the issue.

The most common is an eyebrow pencil. Find one with a fine tip to create precise strokes that look like actual brow hair. Use it to fill in the gaps carefully.

Other tools include an angled brush and powder, or brow pomades and markers. These allow you to reconstruct the shape of your eyebrow dramatically (for those terrible tweezer mistakes).

Regardless of your method, the trick is to choose a color more muted than your actual brow color. A muted color helps you achieve a natural look. In case you find that you’ve put on too much, dab the brow with your fingertip to soften the shade.


Beauty problems are common and annoying. But they don’t need to be debilitating or ruin your next hot date.

Take some time out to prepare for these little annoyances, or better still to avoid them altogether. Knowing what to do and when to do it is quickly learned and put into place.

It is all about the way you handle the situation. Keep calm, and the right fixes will save the day.

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