Long Hair Takes Over Instagram: Is the Bob Finally Out?

By November 8, 2017 Featured, News
Sara Cath's long hair takes over Instagram

Sometimes, all it takes for something to become a trend is for one person to do it. Other times, we have to wait for catwalks for the latest in thing. It’s the same when it comes to hair. The Fall 2017 shows were all about the short bob. Come Spring 2018 shows, it’s long hair from Marques’Almeida to Michael Kors. Who can forget how Kirsty Hume’s Rapunzel-like locks stole the show?

You may think that it’s just another runway exclusive, but a look at social media shows that longer manes are here to stay.

LA-Based Photographer’s Long Hair Takes Over Instagram

With over 40,000 Instagram followers, Sara Cath has a big audience to show off to. Not only does she have waist-length long hair, she also keeps it curly and natural.

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This all stems from a childhood of having unruly locks, making her think that straightening treatments were her only option. After 3 years of undergoing chemical processes, she had to cut her hair off to a bob.

Sara now even avoids shampoo, which she says dries her scalp and tangles her hair. The 21-year old photographer only goes for a comb and Nature’s Baby Organics Conditioner & Detangler. With comments comparing her to Botticelli’s Venus, we wouldn’t want to cut our hair either.

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