Meet the Labor Day Raffle Winner!

By May 2, 2017 Featured, News
meet the labor day raffle winner

How did everyone’s four-day break go? With a list of awesome things to do on a long weekend, we hope everyone got a great vacation. Some of you may be feeling like you need an even longer break. Maybe get a massage in for further relaxation. After receiving 360 entries, it’s time to meet our Labor Day raffle winner!

Random Draw for the Labor Day Giveaway

Similar to our summer beach bag raffle, we used the Gleam competition app to receive entries and pick a winner. The draw is random, which means everyone with valid entries can win.

Meet the Labor Day Raffle Winner

Labor Day Relaxation Extension

Congratulations Joan! You’re the lucky recipient of The Spa Wellness gift certificates worth P5,000! We know you’ll enjoy this treat!

We’ll send an email within the day on how you can claim your prize.

What’s Next?

As much as we want to give out more prizes, there can only be one winner for the Labor Day Raffle. The good news is that this isn’t the last you will hear from us! Keep an eye out on our blog and social media accounts for the latest news and updates on our next promotion.

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