Understanding Portfolios and Agencies in Modeling-CMM

Portfolios and Agencies in Modeling

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Last time, we already discuss the tips on how to be a model. Understanding Portfolios and Agencies is the next thing to learn in your journey to become a model. So here are some tips from Wikihow to prepare your portfolio and secure your first modeling job.

You should include professional-looking headshots

A close-up shot without a lot of makeup and on a plain background. You should shoot them in nice natural light (but not direct sunlight) without a lot of distraction in the photos. These are meant for agencies to get a look at you in a raw state. Consider a headshot, a body shot, and profile shots. The most important thing to communicate in a portfolio is that you are able to present a range of “characters” and looks.

Consider getting some professional photos taken

Professional photography can be expensive. But it can make the difference between being passed over and getting an interview. Think of it as a good investment in your career.
• Get your best professional shots printed into 8x10s, then save these in case you are asked to leave your photo after an interview.
• If you have enough good professional photos then compile it to a portfolio and bring this portfolio in castings or agencies.

Take your measurements and know your stats.

Knowing your own information will help you look professional when you are speaking with an agency or potential client. The basic measurements to know are your height, weight, and shoe size. You should also know your clothing measurements such as dress size, hip, waist, chest/bust, etc as well as your personal stats include information such as hair color, eye color, and skin tone.

Visit a modeling agency.

Almost every major city has multiple modeling agencies, and almost every agency has “open-calls” where they look for new talent.
• Bring your photographs and/or portfolio. Be sure to have your (accurate) measurements as well.
You may be asked to walk or pose for a headshot or other photos during an open call interview.
• If an agency rejects you, don’t get disheartened; often an agency is looking for a diverse set of models, so you may just not fit their model lineup right now.

Be truthful about your measurements.

Don’t say you’re skinnier than you are just to get a shoot. Once there, the stylist will have problems fitting you and the truth will come out. You could potentially lose future jobs due to word of mouth, and you could find yourself without a career!

Be professional, polite, and courteous.

Remember that, even though you’re not working in an office, you need to be professional. Treat the people you work with respectfully. You never know who they know or what sort of a recommendation they might give of you. Never look down on anyone. You may be a model, but that doesn’t give you the right to be snooty, affected, or pompous.
• Always show up on time to an appointment or shoot. If you’re late or rude, your reputation may precede you and nobody will want to work with you.
• Be organized. Models often get called to places at the last minute and have very busy days. You need to be on top of things if you want to succeed. Buying a day-to-day planner can really help.
• Develop professional relationships with photographers. You help the photographer look great, and they will help you look great. It’s a win-win situation, so be sure to treat photographers with respect.

Treat modeling like a real job.

Individuals who don’t take it seriously have small chances of succeeding in their modeling career. Realize that it is harder than it appears and there’s a lot of work behind all the glitz and glamour you see at fashion shows. Modeling is a full-time occupation that requires constant attention. One week away from it and your career can be over.
• Understand that modeling has only a small window of opportunity, and even if you take a short break, you may never be able to return. Models usually only work in the business for a limited amount of time. If you become famous inside of the business, you may be able to extend your career.

Be creative on the job.

Photographers want to see you pose in various poses with different props and backdrop. Changeability is key, so work for the camera and interact with the world around yourself. Listen to the photographer’s recommendations, but don’t be afraid to try your own poses or attitude as well. Similarly, runway coordinators want you to put attitude in your walk or to project a very specific emotion.

How to be a model?

How to be a Model?

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A lot of people wants to experience the world of modeling. Since modeling is a very competitive industry, you can’t avoid rejections from different modeling agencies. Knowing what to expect when entering the world of modeling can help prepare you to become a model. Here is a summary of tips on how to be a good model.
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Labor Day in The Philippines

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Philippines celebrates Labor Day during the first day of May. This day commemorates the hardworking men and women in our country. Most workers use this holiday to start rallies and demonstrations where they would air their demands and call for reform.

On May 1, 1903, the first Labor Day celebration in the Philippines took place. It was organized by the Union Obrera Democratica de Filipinas, the first labor federation in the country. Thousands of workers marched from Plaza Moriones in Tondo to Malacañang to demand complete independence, while chanting anti-American capitalism and imperialism.

Formerly known as Union Obrera Democratica and was founded on February 2, 1902, by Isabelo Delos Reyes and Herminigildo Cruz. It advocated the rights of the labor force during the American occupation. Delos Reyes was arrested on August 1902 for sedition, rebellion and “conspiracy to the raise the price of labor”. He was succeeded by Dominador Gomez, who led the first Labor Day celebration. Later on April 8, 1908, the Philippine Assembly passed a bill making the first day of May, Labor Day, a national holiday.

Today, Labor Day (or Araw ng Manggagawa) in the Philippines is commemorated not only with parades and other forms of celebration but also with rallies and demonstrations of the labor sector. The celebration shows that the workers are partners of government for economic development and positive social changes.

Diet tips to keep your heart healthy

Diet tips for a healthy Heart

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Based on an article released by the National Nutrition Council of the Department of Health, Hypertension and diseases of the heart are among the ten leading causes of illnesses in the Philippines each year. Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) is a class of diseases that involve the heart or blood vessels. These diseases are known as Lifestyle Related Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) because they have risk factors which are related to unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, this includes drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, and inactivity. Eating a healthy diet as well as having an active lifestyle is a superb way to prevent these heart disease.

Here are some diet tips to keep your heart healthy.

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meet the models who became the newest vs angels

Newest VS Angels: 4 Models to Watch!

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Many people wait for the latter half of the year to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. While over 70 models walk the runway for the event, only a small percentage gets the official title of Angel. This means that they sign exclusively with the lingerie brand and receive premium pay for it. After the departure of established models, it’s time for the company to grow its army. Meet the 4 newest VS Angels to watch out for in the coming years!

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Barbara Palvin is the newest Victoria's Secret Angel!

Barbara Palvin Joins Victoria’s Secret Elite Roster of Angels

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In the past two years, Victoria’s Secret said goodbye to two of their best. Alessandra Ambrosio gave up her wings in 2017 to focus on her swimwear line. And just last year, Adriana Lima retired from the VS runway after nearly two decades with the brand. That means there’s space on the roster for another model. And guess who they picked? None other than Barbara Palvin!


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Drumroll please…introducing @realbarbarapalvin, our newest ANGEL! 🎉

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5 signs of fitness even if the weighing scale doesn't budge

5 Signs of Fitness Even If You’re Not Losing Weight

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There comes a point in everyone’s weight loss journey when it seems like nothing is working anymore. You’re exercising, you’re eating right, you’re cutting alcohol and other vices. But for some reason, the weighing scale still shows the same numbers, or maybe even higher than what it was last time. Before you start worrying, do remember that the scale doesn’t tell the whole story. There are other signs of fitness that you can watch out for to monitor your health.

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Legendary models grace the Paris runway for Zendaya's collection with Tommy Hilfiger

Legendary Models Walk for Zendaya and Tommy Hilfiger

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‘Fashion week’ is a phrase that gets plenty of people excited. Who wouldn’t be when you can get a glimpse of the next big thing? Whether it’s the clothes or the model wearing it, it’s something to watch out for. So what do you get when you put the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Zendaya, and a host of legendary models on a catwalk in Paris?

One epic show!

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