Hottest Hairstyles of Summer: Short Hair, Don’t Care!

By May 3, 2017 Featured, News
hottest hairstyles of summer

They say that this year’s summer is the shortest, and it seems that the hottest hairstyles are following that theme. When the heat of the sun is beating down on you, you find ways to feel cooler. So if you decide to tie it up or chop it off, that’s totally up to you.

If you ask supermodels, there are plenty of ways to style hair for the summer. Braids, waves, buns, knots – what’s your choice?

The Hottest Hairstyles of the Summer

Short hair? Don’t care! Hate the feeling of hair sticking to your neck or your locks smelling of sweat? A short hairstyle is definitely the way to go. Plenty of actresses and models have gone for the bob, and it seems to be the go-to haircut for others. Yours truly actually just chopped her hair off to chin length.

Having short hair has tons of advantages. And perhaps that’s why short cuts are the hottest hairstyles for the dry and hot season. As we mentioned, no sticking to your neck. Another advantage is that it’s very wash-and-wear, which makes it easy to style for everyday office looks. That doesn’t mean it’s boring or that you can’t make it fancy. Add some curls or waves, color it up, make it interesting! Check out some of the short hairdos that some celebrities recently debuted at their public appearances for inspiration.

You can go for blunt bangs like Kelly Rowland. Go for a striking color like Cara Delevigne. Try out Taraji P. Henson’s fuller curls or something more subtle like Nina Dobrev or Kendall Jenner. Whatever cut and style you decide on, the hottest hairdo of the summer is all in how you rock it.

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