Tommy Esguerra, Gelai Penales’ tips on how to rock denim

By July 25, 2019 August 28th, 2019 Featured
Tommy Esguerra, Gelai Penales’ tips how to rock denim

When it comes to style and fashion, denim never fades. Whatever the year or generation, denim is a dapper choice.

During the SM’s #DoYouDenim event, two or their influential brand ambassadors, Tommy Esguerra and Gelai Penales were asked their simple tips how can one rock a denim outfit.

For 25-year-old Esguerra, he believes that anyone can rock denim fashion. The “Three Words to Forever” actor just simply reminds everyone to keep in mind the color contrast. “With the dark denim I go with the light contrast. Usually that’s the way I go around it’s simple,” he said.

This is something the new SM brand ambassador Penales agrees to. “I love watching matching denims kasi di ba dati parang it doesn’t look really nice if you wear denim on denim but I personally love matching like light denims and dark denims,” she said.

“Usually I would wear just like a plain low neck shirt inside and some boots. And that’s my favorite outfit when I’m kinda lazy,” she continued. And now that rainy season is finally here, this is the best time to rock denim comfortably. “I wear very loose pants.
I like loose clothes that hung off my body. And since it’s rainy season, and it’s not hot like it usually is. I think it’s the only time you can wear stuff like that. Usually I like wearing oversize stuff and chunky sneakers, anything that every comfortable,” she ended.

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