3 Unicorn Makeup Tutorials for Halloween

By October 17, 2018 Featured, News
3 Best Unicorn Makeup Tutorials for Halloween 2018

When it comes to Halloween costumes, several have become go-to choices over the years. There’s the black cat, sexy angels, Disney princesses, and more. Let’s not forget a superhero or two. These days, there’s a mythical creature that’s showing up more and more. So if you’re still looking for a Halloween costume, check out these unicorn makeup tutorials!

Unicorn Makeup Tutorials for Halloween 2018

From colorful eyeshadow to glittery tears, these unicorn makeup tutorials are sure to get you a best-dressed award.

The Subtle Unicorn

Let’s face it, not everyone has time to do a full face of makeup for Halloween. Some also prefer to go the more subtle approach when it comes to their costume. If you fall into either of those categories, this unicorn makeup tutorial from Shay Mitchell is for you!

The actress made a 9-minute tutorial for Coachella, but you can definitely repurpose it for Halloween 2018. Instead of using a horned headband, Shay paints on several white dots that act as an abstract horn. For the eyes, she uses a dual-toned cobalt blue and hot pink eyeshadow. Add some glossy lips and that’s it!

Glitter Unicorn Tears

Makeup brand Urban Decay jumped on the bandwagon with one of the best unicorn makeup tutorials on the Internet. The 12-minute long video features beauty vlogger Kristen Leanne and makeup artist Amanda Rodriguez.

In the clip, they create two extreme, but still doable, unicorn looks. You’ll see glittery unicorn tears, a glittery hair part, a lime green cat eye, and rainbow stars. The best part about their tutorial is that they break down the exact products they use. Makes it easy to shop for makeup, right?

Rainbow Eyes

If you really want to commit to a unicorn Halloween costume, follow this makeup tutorial! Twist Me Pretty beauty vlogger Abby Smith made a video featuring pastel rainbow eyeshadow, voluminous lashes, and hot pink glitter lips. The last few minutes of the tutorial even features a how-to for a children’s version.

So which of these fanciful unicorns are you going to be?

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